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Cost-effective, scalable, non-invasive Biological Age Measurements for your digital products.
GeroSense Platform
GeroSense Platform

use cases

Case 1

User Engagement

Engage your users with the metric of biological age, remaining lifespan, and other unique metrics.

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Dynamic risk stratification example

* Deteriorated health

   Risk profile deteriorated over the period

Case 2

Dynamic Risk Stratification

Split the population according to health - into those with increased or decreased risk of getting age-related diseases or those with health deteriorated over the period.

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Case 3

Live Public Health

Monitor the population health dynamics live in the response to public health initiatives, across different districts, municipalities, and demographics.

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Description text
Areas with deteriorated health
Areas with improved health
Case 4

Longevity Digital Trials

Enhance your longevity trials with digital biomarkers based on our technology. Contact us to use our app, API, or White label solution to collect the data.

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Our team has been working on understanding the fundamental mechanism of human aging for years. The science behind GeroSense leverages AI to extract biological age signal from longitudinal step and heart rate patterns.

Our work based on large datasets with human data has allowed us to build the second-generation biological age clock, meaning we can predict not just passport age, but actual health with an accuracy comparable to blood-based clocks.

The research behind and proof-of-concept use of GeroSense were published in leading scientific journals.

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