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How it works

Step 1: Download GeroSense mobile app
Step 1

Download GeroSense mobile app

GeroSense is a free research app made by It can calculate your biological age from steps and heart rate data from your phone or wearable devices.

With it, you can monitor your health and objectively measure the consequences of your lifestyle changes.

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Step 2

Answer IN-APP questionnaires

In the app, you will find questionnaires dedicated to different lifestyle intervention studies run by our scientific partners and us. By filling out these questionnaires, you will help us understand what interventions can slow down aging.

All responses will be stored anonymously.

Step 2: Answer in-app questionnaires
Step 3

Publication of results

After collecting enough information, the GeroSense team will publish its findings for free. Additionally, we will openly release collected data quarterly so that other scientists can leverage it.

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Lifestyle and Aging

From keto to vegan, marathon running to yoga, our lifestyle choices are as diverse as we are. Yet, amidst this variety, there's a common thread of uncertainty — what truly works for our longevity? Join to be part of the answer.
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Mental Health and Aging

Can the state of our mind influence the pace at which we age? Anxiety and depression might hold more sway over our aging process than we realize.


GeroSense Studies today

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Why it matters

Nobody knows what works for humans

Humanity knows several ways to slow aging in mice, flies, or worms. Yet, we know zero proven interventions to slow down human aging. And that is despite humans being the most measured and studied creatures on our planet.

We must go from studying aging in animals directly to studying it in humans.

Proper clinical trials are hard, expensive and not scalable

Clinical trials on humans are incredibly costly, scarce, and conducted in small groups. The results of many such trials are not patentable and, hence, not commercializable. Nobody is incentivized to pay for them. Moreover, most dietary supplement manufacturers do not want to know the truth. They are paid not to know the truth.

With GeroSense, we can efficiently scale human studies and do them for a fraction of the cost. It will allow us to screen for interventions that actually work.

No way to understand what works personally for you

Everyone is different. Something that works "on average" might not work for you. What helps one can harm another and be useless for a third one. To solve this, we need to drastically scale the number of study participants and monitor their health continuously. It is just unachievable with other biological age clocks. This is why we built GeroSense and why we are doing GeroSense Studies.


Why is the GeroSense app free?
GeroSense earns money by selling its API and providing services to business clients like the National University of Singapore and Humanity.

We developed the GeroSense application as proof that wearable data can be used to track users' biological age and measure the effects of different interventions on longevity. We use this data to test hypotheses, improve models, and strengthen our understanding of aging. In return, we provide our service to users for free.

Users' data collected from the GeroSense mobile application is not sold to third parties under any circumstances.
When will the GeroSense app be available on Android?
Any day now. The app is ready, and the beta testing is running at this very moment. We need to finish all the bureaucratic stuff to make it publicly available. You can join the Android waitlist by following this link.
What health apps can GeroSense integrate with?
Currently, we only support Apple Health for iOS and Google Fit for Android as data providers. Fortunately, both platforms integrate with many other major health apps, allowing you to easily sync your data with them. Stay tuned for more integrations coming soon!
What data is required to calculate biological age?
To calculate your biological age on a given day, we require the following information:
• Your sex assigned at birth.
• Your step history for the past 7 days, ensuring that at least 4 of those days include a step history of more than 30 minutes each.
• Optionally, you can provide your heart rate measurement history for the past 7 days.

Additionally, we require you to specify your date of birth. Read Why do you ask users to provide their date of birth? for more details.


GeroSense Studies Now

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